Freqently asked questions


What is your service area? 

We currently serve only the states of California, Nevada, and Oregon. 

What kind of foundation is required?

Typically our units are installed on concrete slabs. This keeps the unit low to the ground and easy to access. We can also install the units on a wood framed floor over pressure treated skids, stem walls, or post and beam foundations for hillside applications. 

Are permits required?

This depends on your local building department. Most regions allow for a shed to be installed under 120 square feet without a permit. Contact us and we'll help you find your local building requirements. 

How long does it take to get my Space?

Our typical turn around time is four to six weeks from payment to delivery. 

What can I do for heating and cooling?

Our spaces can be well insulated so they don't take much to keep them comfortable. Window mounted air conditioners work well or small room heaters can be plugged in for cold locations. We also can leave a custom slot in the wall for a "through wall" installation. These are very similar to window units but they don't take up valuable window space. Mini-splits are another option, they both heat and cool and are very efficient and quiet.

Can I add a bathroom?

Yes, but it's complicated. At this point you would need to secure permits from your local building department and we would have to make significant changes to the design. We are happy to do this but this would fall under our custom designed space services. Contact us for more information. 

How tall are the spaces?

Out spaces range from 8ft tall up to 13ft high. We often custom build units to meet the height restriction of local building codes. 

Can I configure the door and windows differently?


Can I order a Kit with a finished interior?

No, but we will help you find local contractors who can complete the space's interior to your specific needs.

Delivery & Installation

Assembly should take about a day. Contact us for a delivery and installation quote for your area.